Human Factors and System Safety
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Human Science, Enhancing Systems 

People interact with technology, equipment, tools, buildings and environments while they work and in everyday life. We decode these interactions to create transformational change for people, products and organisations.

Give Your Business the Human Factors Advantage

Organisations that incorporate human factors ensure that systems and equipment are easy and safe for their people and customers to use. We apply human factors to make systems:







At SystemiQ, we are a team of human factors professionals who provide exceptional human factors (HF) support, scaled to your needs, including:

    • Comprehensive HF programs for large-scale change projects.
    • HF support to supplement your internal engineering and safety team resources.
    • Reviews of specific human-system performance concerns and bespoke advice to improve operational performance.
    • Upskilling engineering and safety professionals in HF to build internal capability.

We specialise in diagnosing the Human Factors needs of complex organisations and pinpointing the most effective and efficient way to improve the interactions between people and systems.

Aviation training and human factors

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At SystemiQ, our human factors and safety experience extends across the rail, aviation, technology, energy, medical, and architecture / built environment sectors, to name just a few.  Our team is enriched with professionals who have excelled in human factors and rail safety roles within some of Australia’s most significant passenger train operations, offering unparalleled HF integration support to a variety of projects.

These initiatives range from major engineering and infrastructure projects, to enhancing safety management systems, and developing and delivering training.  In the aviation sector, we’ve leveraged our director’s background working with leading airlines to offer comprehensive human factors and safety support across flight operations, maintenance, ground handling, air traffic management, and in the design of aviation systems and procedures.

Our focus on integrating human science into the design of technology and innovation has enabled us to enhance interactions between humans and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring the usability and accessibility of digital platforms and automated systems are second to none.

In the energy, rail and other heavy industry sectors, SystemiQ has been pivotal in enhancing organisations’ safety investigations processes and capability, and Just Culture.  We specialise in systemic reviews aimed at mitigating human error, underscoring our commitment to helping organisations improve both safety and efficiency of operations.

Contact us now to discuss how we can support safety and operational effectiveness for your organisation.

What is Human Factors?

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