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Automation Transition Assessment

The introduction of automation and digitalisation of services is a growing focus of many organisations, and while these processes offer great efficiency, they must also be managed carefully, to ensure a successful transition.  Understanding human-system interactions within automated or digital systems is critical to implementation success.

Highly reliable automation can reduce a human operator’s workload and improve operational performance; however, research has shown that it can also be detrimental to human performance if not implemented with a good understanding of how the automation will interface with human operators.  The higher the degree of automation and the more reliable it is, the more challenging it can be to maintain the capabilities and situation awareness needed for operators to regain manual control of the system during an unexpected transition from automation.  By understanding the users’ capabilities, limitations and interactions with the system, it is possible to effectively manage transitions from system control to operator control and increase productivity and safety.

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SystemiQ has supported technology and innovation projects by identifying and understanding the ways in which new technologies interact with people.  We have provided human factors advice to improve the usability and accessibility of electronic devices, web portals, and mobile applications.

Our consultants have demonstrated knowledge and experience in applying well-established human factors principles and research in automation design.  We supported a rail operator during the introduction of a new driverless train, by helping the organisation understand the training needs and human performance impacts of roles responsible for operating automated systems during degraded operational modes.

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