Safety Management Systems

SystemiQ can support the integration of human factors in your SMS

Do you feel like you understand the impacts of human error on the safety and effectiveness of your operations? 

We can audit your Safety Management System (SMS) and pinpoint where improvements can be made to improve human-system performance and reduce the impacts of human error on safety and operational outcomes.  Effective integration of human factors within the SMS helps to better understand sources of human-system risk within the operation, allowing the organisation to address these in a way that will improve safety and operational outcomes.

Research and Evaluation services

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The Human Factors Integration Approach

Step 1: Know your system context
  • Identify human system interfaces
  • Identify the goals and functions of the human role within the system
  • Identify sources of human-system risk

Human error and human performance are often seen as sources of risk within an organisation. However, when identifying and assessing risk, the focus should include the factors within the system that may affect human performance and contribute to error.

Step 2: Integrate HF within your Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Just culture
  • Human error data collection
  • Human error risk management
  • Human factors in incident investigations
  • Intuitive and easy-to-follow safety procedures

We can audit your SMS to identify opportunities to enhance the management of human-system risk.  We can also identify opportunities where human factors can be positively leveraged to move beyond safety compliance and towards optimum human-system performance. 

Step 3: Sustainable SMS Solutions
  • Human Factors SMS integration
  • Human error risk management
  • Human Factors support to safety investigations
  • Human Factors data collection and reporting
  • Safety culture and just culture programs
  • Human Factors coaching

We identify what could be improved to support human performance and perhaps even more importantly, we highlight what is working, so these success factors aren’t inadvertently removed.

We integrate human factors solutions seamlessly within your existing SMS.

Contact SystemiQ about how we can make your SMS an agile system highly responsive to emerging human-system risks.

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