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Our experience in aviation spans both our recent consulting experience and our Director and Lead Consultant’s in-house experience in safety and training leadership roles within major airlines in Australia and the Middle East.  We provide a range of human factors support services to the aviation industry, across flight operations, maintenance and ground handling operations, including support in the design and implementation of new systems.

Case Study

Human Factors Integration for Design of a new Airport

SystemiQ provided human-centred design support to the architectural design phase of a new international airport.  This included identification of users, typical use scenarios, the context of use, and task analyses for a range of airport user populations, including customers, staff, and a range of airport visitors or service providers.  Some key areas of focus included:

  • identifying a range of use scenarios and customer ‘journeys’ to support recommendations for effective wayfinding and signage;
  • understanding user needs to support the effective layout of key functional areas of the building;
  • ensuring the suitability of the physical environment for those working within the airport, for example, the design of workspace layouts, dimensions of the physical environment, design of surfaces, accessibility of equipment for maintenance, etc; and
  • managing the risks of anti-social behaviour through the design of the physical environment.
Research and Evaluation services

Contact us to discuss your project’s human factors integration needs

Contact us to discuss your project’s human factors integration needs

Case Study

CRM Facilitator Training for Icelandair

SystemiQ provided CRM facilitator refresher training for Icelandair CRM instructors, including facilitation skills training and updating of human factors and CRM knowledge. Our facilitator training courses provide up-to-date knowledge and skills based on the latest industry issues and hot topics in human factors and non-technical skills.  The courses also provide ongoing professional development in facilitation skills, to build capability in delivering engaging courses in a style that suits adult learning principles.

Facilitation Skills Training for Pilot Instructors and Examiners

SystemiQ provides subcontracted support to Salient, in the implementation of Evidence-Based Training programs for airlines worldwide.  We support the training of instructors and examiners in facilitation skills, understanding of EBT principles, and observing and assessing performance.  Airlines that we have supported through our work with Salient include:

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