About SystemiQ

We help design systems that are easy, comfortable and safe to use.


We support the development of skills and capability for high performance.


We apply contemporary proactive approaches to enhance safety.


We use structured tools to measure operational and safety performance.


We apply research methods to evaluate and enhance programs and systems.


We help strengthen organisations’ safety systems.


About SystemiQ

SystemiQ is a specialist human factors and system safety consultancy. We are a team of qualified professionals who collaborate to help you solve organisational challenges and improve system performance.  Our experience spans industries and organisations in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Our network of consultants brings diverse capabilities, having postgraduate qualifications in human factors, organisational psychology and/or safety management along with extensive strategic and operational level experience in safety critical industries. We support your project with specialised professionals who have a high level of qualifications, experience, and passion in their chosen disciplines.  We select a bespoke, highly specialised team for each project to ensure that we provide the most appropriate capabilities to meet your objectives.

We have consultants based in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra, and provide support to organisations throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Approach

At SystemiQ, we work collaboratively, taking a multi-disciplinary approach to solving organisational challenges and enhancing performance.  We apply systems thinking to support effective performance.

We only work with qualified and experienced associates, who share similar values:

  • Working with integrity and ethics
  • An evidence-based approach
  • A systemic focus, considering organisational systems as a whole
  • A passion for understanding people and human performance
  • A focus on the positive, and learning from ‘what goes right’ rather than simply focusing on ‘what goes wrong’
  • Dedication to quality and continuous improvement
Our Team

Allison McDonald


Allison McDonald is a human factors and system safety specialist, and is the founder of SystemiQ. She started her career in organisational psychology, and has specialised in human factors and safety for the past 20 years. Allison has extensive experience in the integration of human factors in safety management systems and safety critical operations, and has applied human factors methodologies within a systems engineering framework to support major projects.

Before establishing SystemiQ, Allison worked within industry, applying human factors principles within the rail and aviation operational environments, and enjoyed being able to make a positive contribution to the safety and effectiveness of operational systems within these organisations.

Within the rail industry, Allison developed and implemented the first rail adaptation of LOSA (Line Operations Safety Audit), and introduced non-technical skills training for safety critical roles. Allison’s leadership roles with two major airlines in Australia and the Middle East focused on human factors, operational risk management, and safety culture. More recently, she has supported many airlines to implement contemporary competency-based approaches to pilot training, which has brought opportunities to work with a diverse network of professionals from major airlines across the world.

Allison’s approach to human factors is both pragmatic and evidence-based, supporting our clients by translating human science into practical operational solutions. She particularly enjoys being able to contribute to the development of systems that work effectively for the people who interact with them. Allison has a passion for contributing to the development of human factors professionals of the future, and regularly provides mentoring and coaching to Masters level students as part of her affiliation as Adjunct Associate Professor in Organisational Psychology with the University of Queensland.

Ben Austin


Ben Austin is a human factors consultant who has been a part of the SystemiQ team since 2018. He has a background in psychology and enjoys applying his understanding of analytics and problem solving to real-world challenges.

Ben is currently completing a combined PhD and Master of Business Psychology at The University of Queensland, with a focus on employee wellbeing and performance in a safety-critical hospital environment.

Within the human factors field, his specific interests include human-centred design and adult learning. Previous projects Ben has been involved in include the development of comprehensive training packages for a major train manufacturer and the development of learning content for the SystemiQ Academy online learning platform.

Janine Leister


Janine Leister is a senior human factors consultant with SystemiQ, and has worked with the team since 2018. Janine intended to focus on Business Management at University but after attending an Introduction to psychology course she became fascinated by the science of human behaviour. She continued to study Business and Psychology courses until she achieved a masters level qualification in Organisational Psychology.

Her experience working as an Organisational Psychologist within the rail industry allowed her to apply psychological principles to work system design, safety training design and the prevention of safety incidents. Janine was awarded twice at the Australasian Railway Association Rail Industry Awards for Excellence in 2008, for her evidence-based approaches to improving safety and wellbeing for rail safety workers and passengers.

Since 2015, Janine has worked for human factors consultancies and provided expert advice for two major engineering projects introducing new passenger trains. This has included detailed task analyses, human factors design assessments, risk-based training needs analyses, human factors training design, wayfinding analyses, human factors assurance and usability testing. In total, Janine has 10 years of experience conducting human factors assessments for a broad range of applications.

Janine is passionate about analysing the performance of safety critical tasks in detail and understanding and optimising the alignment between the cognitive and physical demands of the task, the capabilities of the system, and the needs and characteristics of the user. This is because creating good alignment supports the performance of the most valuable asset in the safety system – the human.

Jess Quilty


Jess Quilty is a human factors consultant and Registered Psychologist holding qualifications in Organisational Psychology and Human Resource Management. She has previous experience working in workplace training and occupational health and safety compliance. Jess has worked on projects across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, rail transport, aviation, agriculture and resources. As part of the SystemiQ team, Jess has been engaged on both large-scale and smaller projects, including major rollingstock engineering and transport infrastructure projects, airport design, and training development for technical roles.

Jess uses evidence-based knowledge of human behaviour, design and work processes to develop technical documents and safety solutions to assist our clients improve organisational and public safety. Also possessing industrial relations experience, Jess applies a compliance lens to projects to mitigate legal and safety risk.

Jess highly values usability and is skilled at converting technical information into a succinct and easily understood format. She applies empirical research, technical information and the outcomes of testing to provide our clients with design guidance, technical training materials and safety assurance.

Jess is enthusiastic about all aspects of human factors application in system development and performance. She has a special interest in the involvement of human factors in automation and looks forward to continuing to assist our clients to improve safety and performance as they adopt emerging technologies.

Nicole Rytir


Nicole Rytir is a human factors consultant who has worked with the SystemiQ team since 2018. She has experience in a variety of human factors work within the aviation and rail industries. This includes, for example, user-centred design testing and analysis (including desktop reviews and experimental design); task analysis; and report writing to communicate analysis results, inform design, and provide human factors assurance. Nicole has also supported the development of training content for a major rail design project, has also developed non-technical skills content for a suburban passenger train operator, and more recently has developed online content for SystemiQ Academy.

Nicole’s tertiary education includes an honours degree in psychology, Master of Business Psychology, as well as brief studies in STEM fields along the way (including engineering, math, biology, and chemistry).

Nicole is particularly interested in technological developments and the ways in which human factors principles can be applied to the design and integration of emerging technology (e.g. VR, AR, AI, and automation) for both work and recreational purposes.

Nicole believes in maintenance of integrity at all times. It is a quality that permeates all aspects of her work, ensuring that she communicates openly and honestly at all times. She also believes in working from a place of perspective taking and empathy, which is particularly important while working within multinational teams, and when communicating with technical specialists and stakeholders from a wide variety of backgrounds.