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Human Factors Courses – face to face, online, and self-directed

For individuals and organisations in safety-critical industries

We offer a range of human factors training courses for groups and individuals.  Our small group face-to-face courses are delivered in a facilitated, interactive style, ensuring that participants learn through a balance of theory and practical experience.  To supplement our range of standard courses, we also tailor courses to suit the needs of different industries and organisations.

Download our course catalogue here:  Human Factors Course Catalogue.

Some of our courses include:

Introduction to Human Factors

Non-Technical Skills

Human Factors for Systems / Design Engineers

Human Factors for Safety Investigators

Leading Safety Critical Teams

Practical Facilitation Skills Course

In addition to face-to-face group courses, we offer online, self-directed courses in Human Factors and Threat and Error Management through our online learning portal: SystemiQ Academy 

Our courses will change the way you look at the world around you.


Learn how to see human performance, systems and environments through the lens of Human Factors.

Human Factors is an essential skillset for anyone working in operations, system design, or safety management, across all industry sectors.



Health Care

Engineering professionals

Safety professionals

All safety critical industries!

Learn about Human Factors

What is Human Factors? How does it contribute to everyday life?

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Our courses are


Well researched, with evidence-based content

Presented in a way that helps you to learn

Built by professionals who have practical real-world experience across multiple industries

Engaging, memorable and interactive

Self-directed, online and available across the world

Experience high quality, interactive learning experiences, in a socially-connected global community.




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