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Our rail experience spans both consulting and in-house roles, with several of our team members having worked in HF and rail safety roles within a large passenger train operation in Australia.  Within these in-house and recent consulting roles, our team has provided HF integration support to major engineering design projects, developed and delivered non-technical skills training for rail operator safety-critical workers, developed technical rollingstock conversion courses for a manufacturer, and provide support to integrate HF in the Safety Management System for a start-up rail operation. We have also supported safety investigations and helped a passenger train operator to build internal safety investigation capability.

Case Study

Operational Readiness Support for New Rollingstock

SystemiQ supported a rollingstock manufacturer by completing Risk-Based Training Needs Analysis (RBTNAs) and developing conversion courses for all operational roles interfacing with a new rollingstock fleet as part of a $2.8 billion procurement project.  RBTNAs were utilised to identify and prioritise training needs by understanding the tasks performed within each role, the systems or tools used in performing the tasks, and the context in which the tasks would be performed. The difficulty, frequency, and importance of each task were identified, along with an assessment of safety risk.  This ensured that a greater focus was placed on training competencies that were more difficult to learn, those that were more important (to safety or operational outcomes), and those that would be performed less frequently in normal operations.


Conversion training courses were designed for a range of roles including traincrew, station staff, customer service, maintenance, control, cleaners, emergency response and security personnel and covered both technical and non-technical skills.  The complete training package was based on adult learning principles and consisted of interactive, engaging courses, including practical exercises, all supporting facilitation guides and assessment materials.  To further support the client, SystemiQ provided training for the operator’s training facilitators to ensure they were upskilled in delivering the new package.

Research and Evaluation services
Research and Evaluation services

Contact us to discuss your project’s human factors integration needs

Contact us to discuss your project’s human factors integration needs

Case Study

Human Factors Integration for a new Transport Ticketing System

SystemiQ provided human factors support for the introduction of a new transport ticketing system, including HF assessments and human-centred design support for ticketing devices (rail, bus and ferry), staff and customer web portals, and mobile applications including:

    • Conducting human factors reviews of system design, and engaging with system users to understand and incorporate user needs in the design process;
    • Contributing to the identification and management of human factors and accessibility-related risks and issues. This included supporting updates to the system design, and in some cases updates to manufacturer and operator procedures and training;
    • Managing the processes and activities to be conducted to achieve and verify compliance with relevant sections of accessibility-related standards, including DSAPT, DDA, AS1428, AS/EN301549, and WCAG 2.1;
    • Managing the processes and activities conducted to achieve and verify compliance with relevant human factors related standards and requirements; and
    • Documenting the outcomes of all human factors and accessibility-related work as part of the systems engineering process.

Non-technical Skills Training for Rail Industry Trainers

SystemiQ has extensive experience in the development and delivery of non-technical skills training programs for safety-critical roles within the rail, aviation, and energy industries. 

Within the rail industry, we developed a non-technical skills and Threat and Error Management (TEM) program for driver and signaller trainers for a large suburban passenger operation.  We conducted a brief assessment of the organisation’s needs prior to developing a bespoke package that was interactive and engaging and included operationally-relevant examples. 

In addition to preparing all the course materials and facilitator guidance, we provided train-the-trainer courses for the in-house rail trainers, to build capability in HF and TEM knowledge, and facilitation skills.  The courses were very well received by both the trainers and the train drivers, due to their interactivity and high level of relevance to everyday operations.

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