Building Capability

Develop high performance skills

  • Equip your team members with the mental tools needed to thrive in a high-reliability
  • Equip safety professionals and operations leaders with the tools needed to build resilient systems in an uncertain future.

At SystemiQ, we offer a range of solutions to build capability within your teams,

Human Factors is now an essential skill set for anyone working in system design or safety management, across all industry sectors. Through our dedicated learning platform, SystemiQ Academy, we are pleased to offer a range of courses designed to help you look at your work through the lens of Human Factors, improving safety, performance and efficiency. We provide an interactive and engaging experience, allowing for deeper learning and greater transfer to your everyday work environment. No more “death by PowerPoint”!

The Academy offers self-directed online courses that can be completed anytime, anywhere, to fit around work and life commitments.  We also provide facilitator-led courses, both onsite and in a virtual environment such as MS Teams or Zoom.

Visit the SystemiQ Academy site to browse the online course catalogue or sign up to our mailing list for updates on new courses and learning opportunities.

We also provide support to organisations to build effective training programs and training systems.  We can help you to understand training needs, build modern interactive and evidence-based training in high-performance or non-technical skills, or conduct a strategic review to enhance your training system.


Research and Evaluation services

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Research and Evaluation services
Research and Evaluation services

Build Human Factors Capability

As the industry leaders in Human Factors training, SystemiQ offers the following HF Training services:

  • Human factors training courses for safety professionals, engineers, project managers, operations managers, and others
  • Non-Technical Skills / Crew Resource Management (CRM) / High performance skills programs
  • Human factors and interviewing skills training for safety investigators
  • Professional development for in-house trainers focused on facilitation skills
  • Risk-Based Training needs analysis
  • Development of behavioural marker systems
  • Competency mapping for safety-critical roles
  • Simulation and scenario development

Our SystemiQ Academy online courses are high-quality interactive learning experiences featuring subject-matter experts in a socially-connected global community.  Contact us to discuss bulk enrolments and discounted course prices for larger groups, or to tailor an online or in-person course specifically for your organisation:

Participant Feedback:

“An excellent course – I have a level of familiarity with Human Factors, and I still got a lot out of the course.  The content is covered in a way that is engaging, and I think there is a huge amount of value in this course regardless of your level of experience.  It was delivered in a way that was accessible and inclusive for all levels – I really enjoyed this, and it’s made me even more excited about developing a deeper understanding of Human Factors and applying it in my work. Thank you!”

“Very interactive, informative and well structured with good examples from industry experts. Having more than one person presenting made the course more interactive. I liked the activities that were incorporated in the different topics, and this allowed me personally to review my notes and go through the information again.”

“A very nice introduction to HF. I am an airline Captain, I have some experience as a trainer, and I am currently attending a master’s degree University course.  I found this introduction very well done, in my opinion, it touches on all the main points of HF studies. I truly enjoyed the course.”

“This course was probably one of the best online courses I’ve done – very well designed and interactive. Thanks!”

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