Janine Leister

Senior Human Factors Consultant


Janine Leister is a senior human factors consultant with SystemiQ, and has worked with the team since 2018. Janine intended to focus on Business Management at University but after attending an Introduction to psychology course she became fascinated by the science of human behaviour. She continued to study Business and Psychology courses until she achieved a masters level qualification in Organisational Psychology.

Her experience working as an Organisational Psychologist within the rail industry allowed her to apply psychological principles to work system design, safety training design and the prevention of safety incidents. Janine was awarded twice at the Australasian Railway Association Rail Industry Awards for Excellence in 2008, for her evidence-based approaches to improving safety and wellbeing for rail safety workers and passengers.

Since 2015, Janine has worked for human factors consultancies and provided expert advice for two major engineering projects introducing new passenger trains. This has included detailed task analyses, human factors design assessments, risk-based training needs analyses, human factors training design, wayfinding analyses, human factors assurance and usability testing. In total, Janine has 10 years of experience conducting human factors assessments for a broad range of applications.

Janine is passionate about analysing the performance of safety critical tasks in detail and understanding and optimising the alignment between the cognitive and physical demands of the task, the capabilities of the system, and the needs and characteristics of the user. This is because creating good alignment supports the performance of the most valuable asset in the safety system – the human.