Jess Quilty

Human Factors Consultant


Jess Quilty is a human factors consultant and Registered Psychologist holding qualifications in Organisational Psychology and Human Resource Management. She has previous experience working in workplace training and occupational health and safety compliance. Jess has worked on projects across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, rail transport, aviation, agriculture and resources. As part of the SystemiQ team, Jess has been engaged on both large-scale and smaller projects, including major rollingstock engineering and transport infrastructure projects, airport design, and training development for technical roles.

Jess uses evidence-based knowledge of human behaviour, design and work processes to develop technical documents and safety solutions to assist our clients improve organisational and public safety. Also possessing industrial relations experience, Jess applies a compliance lens to projects to mitigate legal and safety risk.

Jess highly values usability and is skilled at converting technical information into a succinct and easily understood format. She applies empirical research, technical information and the outcomes of testing to provide our clients with design guidance, technical training materials and safety assurance.

Jess is enthusiastic about all aspects of human factors application in system development and performance. She has a special interest in the involvement of human factors in automation and looks forward to continuing to assist our clients to improve safety and performance as they adopt emerging technologies.