System Safety

We help organisations to take a systemic approach to safety management, incorporating contemporary, proactive safety philosophies.

Our consultants have strategic and operational experience in rail safety and aviation safety for leading operators within the industry, at a global level.  We have worked with Australian rail safety law and regulations, and aviation safety regulations across multiple continents.

We can help with:

  • Safety management systems
  • Safety data analysis
  • Safety investigation and reporting
  • Rail safety initiatives and reviews
  • Confidential Observations of Rail Safety (CORS)
  • Safety review of organisational change programs
  • Safety review of equipment and tools
  • Safety review of workplace, equipment or process design
  • Just Culture programs
  • Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS)
  • Procedure design and evaluation
  • Safety assurance and audits
  • Safety communications and promotions
  • Safety culture diagnosis and interventions
  • Risk assessment
  • Psychosocial risk management
  • Confidential reporting programs
  • Normal operations monitoring programs
  • Integrating Safety II philosophies