Training and Learning

We help organisations understand training needs for complex and critical roles, and integrate non-technical / high performance skills in training programs.

Our team has demonstrated experience in developing and delivering competency-based training programs for safety-critical roles within the Australian rail industry, and within the aviation industry globally.  We have experience in applying relevant regulatory and vocational education framework requirements, having previously worked with the Rail Safety National Law and Regulations, Civil Aviation Safety regulations, and the Australian vocational education and training (VET) Quality Framework.

We can support your organisation’s training system at a strategic level, including through training system review or evaluation, or at an operational level through analysis of training needs, design, development, and delivery of training programs.

We can help with:

  • Training strategy and system design
  • Risk Based Training Needs Analysis (RBTNA)
  • Non-technical skills training (NTS)
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) or Team Resource Management training
  • Human Factors training
  • Professional development for in-house trainers
  • Development of behavioural marker systems
  • Competency mapping for safety critical roles
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Simulation and scenario development

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