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Anthropometric Assessment:

Understanding how the elements in the physical environment interact with the human body is an important design consideration. Ensuring that systems and environments are designed in a way that suits the shapes, sizes and capabilities of the human body, for a particular user population, is a core goal of anthropometry.  By incorporating this methodology into the design process, we can optimise the output based on the users and their needs, helping to improve comfort, safety, satisfaction, and productivity.

SystemiQ can help your organisation incorporate anthropometrics into the design process in several ways: by engaging with decision-makers to understand specific goals and requirements; working alongside engineers to design and test appropriate solutions and consulting with user groups to ensure suitability for the end user. These applications of anthropometrics are supported by contemporary and/or personalised datasets and modelling techniques. Contact us to discuss how our experts can help your organisation use anthropometrics to improve system design and safety outcomes.


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Contact SystemiQ to discuss how we can help to integrate anthropometrics to improve system design and safety outcomes.

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