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Task Analysis:

A task analysis is the first step in understanding how a user interacts with equipment, tools, interfaces, and other systems when performing tasks. It involves breaking down user goals into tasks and subtasks and identifying the user’s needs (e.g. equipment, information) for completing each subtask. It captures the interactions and influences that the system has on the user and identifies the elements of the system that support human performance.

  • Is the user able to achieve their goals by completing the tasks required of them?
  • Is the user provided with the information and interfaces/equipment they need, at the right time and location, to complete the task?
  • Is the user able to complete their tasks effectively in all contexts and conditions?

SystemiQ can help your organisation optimise the cognitive and physical demands of your system so that your users can perform effectively. Contact us to discuss how our experts can use a task analysis to help your organisation.

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