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Workload Analysis:

The impact of workload, including both underload and overload, can have significant consequences for workers and organisations alike. For example, underload can result in inefficiency, boredom, and low levels of alertness, while overload can contribute to errors, delays and stress. Conversely, achieving a balanced workload helps people to perform at their optimal level, benefitting both the individual and the organisation. Conducting a workload analysis can help to identify instances of underload and overload across different roles, allowing for steps to be taken towards optimisation.

SystemiQ can help your organisation understand the impacts of workload by conducting a workload analysis. This process involves understanding the demands required of roles and individuals, highlighting any instances that may be negatively affecting operations. These analyses can be conducted on existing roles, but can also inform any transitions to or development of new roles. Contact us to discuss how our experts can help your organisation by conducting a workload analysis.

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Contact SystemiQ to discuss how we can help your organisation to understand the sources and impacts of workload within your operations.

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