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Undergoing organisational change can give rise to human-system integration risks, so human factors are an important area of focus within the change management process.  Regardless of the magnitude of the change, there can be significant flow-on effects to safety, efficiency and productivity, when a change brings about unintended consequences. Effectively managing change often requires a systemic view of the change and its potential impacts, and this means considering the full system context – people, equipment, surrounding environment, tasks/job design, and organisational factors. When the impacts of change are understood using systems thinking, the change can be managed smoothly and effectively, minimising the risk of unintended consequences.

The introduction of automation and digitalisation of services is a growing focus of many organisations, and while these processes offer great efficiency, they must also be managed carefully, to ensure a successful transition. Understanding human-system interactions within automated or digital systems is critical to implementation success.

SystemiQ can assist you to manage the human-system risks associated with change within your organisation.  Contact us to discuss how our experts can help your organisation manage change.

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