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Safety Culture & Just Culture:

When you last visited an organisation other than your own, what did you immediately notice that told you something about its safety culture? 🦺

Safety culture is a part of the broader organisational culture. It refers to the shared values, beliefs, assumptions, and behaviours, that relate to safety. We see evidence of a safety culture all around us when we visit an organisation. It is visible through the actions people take, the things people say, and the physical artefacts around the workplace, such as signage, workplace layout, and other features of the workplace environment. 

Safety culture can be created or engineered. But to do this requires first understanding the current state of the culture through measurement. An intervention that works for one organisation won’t necessarily work for another. Embedding the desired change within organisational systems will provide the foundations for a more enduring organisational change. In this way, safety culture goes hand in hand with safety management systems. 

Organisations should also routinely measure the maturity of their safety culture as part of their commitment to continuous safety improvement. 

SystemiQ can complete safety culture measurements and use these to identify tailored organisational changes to support a mature safety culture for your organisation.  Using our expertise in human behavioural science, SystemiQ can help you create a safety culture where employees consider safe behaviour as normal, comfortable and reinforced by the organisation.  Contact SystemiQ to help your organisation take its safety culture to the next level.

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